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Boone Bergsma

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I was born with a rare disease called Gaucher. I was a Make-a-Wish kid and that experience had a lasting impact on me. In 2010, I started working on ways to raise money to send more kids with life threatening diseases on Make-a-Wish Trips.

Fundraising for a cause opened my eyes to the struggles nonprofits face. This lead me to try and raise funding and awareness for all nonprofits by leveraging advertising and the $500+ billion dollars each year that businesses spend on marketing.

Times have changed, technology has changed, and now with WeThinkItMatters® businesses have an opportunity to use advertising dollars as a force for doing good.

Instead of businesses using marketing to try and influence what we want, now with WeThinkItMatters®, businesses can use advertising dollars to bring attention and funding to causes we want them to support.

They have been trying to get our attention, and now with WeThinkItMatters®, we can tell them what to pay attention to. I want you to answer this question right now!

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