Advertising has never been so Rewarding, and Impactful!

WTIM, WeThinkItMatters® a cause marketing platform for businesses and free fundraising platform for nonprofits. Where people can raise money for causes they care about with just the tap of their finger, no donation required!

All it takes is a Vote and 50% of the money a business spent advertising on WeThinkItMatters® goes to nonprofit selected

In our Cause-Integrated marketing campaigns 60% in total goes to raise funding for nonprofits. No donation required, the funding for nonprofits is coming from the money businesses spend sponsoring WeThinkItMatters® campaigns. Engaging on WTIM creates positive stories with +impact and +results!

+You Earn WTIM Tokens

Every Time You Vote in WeThinkItMatters® or Share about our Cause-Integrated campaigns

WTIM Charity Rewards Token

Everyone who engages in a WeThinkItMatters® campaign gets WTIM Tokens for voting for a nonprofit to get funding, sharing about the cause-integrated campaign, and taking part in surveys or quests.

WTIM Tokens can be traded for more Share Certificates of WeThinkItMatters®, sold between members, or redeemed for other special offers from business partners.

Member Owned Media Benefits

WeThinkItMatters® Share Certificates give You to Win Cash from our Cause Marketing campaigns

Share Certificates are like a lottery ticket that never expires. 20% of all the money businesses spend advertising on WeThinkItMatters® goes to prizes for Share Certificate holding Members to win by random drawing.

People can multiple Share Certificates, and each Share Certificate increases your chances of winning cash prizes for you and your personal favorite nonprofit.

Win Cash Prizes Raising Money for Nonprofits

Get your first WeThinkItMatters® Share Certificate by becoming a Member of WTIM for absolutely FREE. And earn more for FREE by voting for charities to get funding from WeThinkItMatters® campaigns.

Every time a business sponsors a WeThinkItMatters® campaign it creates new lottery prizes for Share Certificate Holders to win, in addition to the money it raises for the nonprofits that are featured in that cause-integrated marketing campaign.

21% of the money spent on a WeThinkItMatters® campaigns goes to prizes Members can win:

10% of
AD $'s

Go to prizes for Members like You

Ten percent of all money spent advertising on WeThinkItMatters® campaigns go to cash prizes for lotteries that voting members of can win by random drawing of their Share Certificate/s

10% of
AD $'s

Go to prizes for Your Favorite Nonprofit

Ten percent of all the money spent advertising on WeThinkItMatters® go to cash prizes for lottery winning Members personal favorite nonprofits that you choose when joining

1% of
AD $'s

Go to Bonuses You get for Sharing

Members can share their link encouraging others to join and take part in campaigns, and get WTIM Tokens from each referral and when those people take action in WeThinkItMatters® campaigns


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Join the WeThinkItMatters® community

Let businesses know you want to work together to raise awareness and funding for nonprofits with the money they are spending on marketing and advertising to you!

Does it Matter to You to know what businesses are doing to support nonprofits?

If it Matters to You, join WeThinkItMatters® today, that will let business know you want them to advertise where it will have the greatest positive impact on our communities!

This is your chance to win cash prizes and get rewards for helping raise funding for causes impacting all of us. Don’t miss this opportunity!